Setting Up and Installing QuickBooks

QuickBooks has a very user friendly interface.  However, the initial setup needs to be performed correctly in order for future information to be accurate.

A simple installation can start to become confusing as you are setting up your business to use QuickBooks.  Transferring your business from manual accounting to QuickBooks can raise a lot of questions.  Specially if it you are trying to integrate QuickBooks in the middle of the year.

We can answer some common questions such as:

  • Which accounting method will you use?
  • How do you handle beginning balances?
  • What chart of accounts will you need for your business.


Our experts can handle these questions and install QuickBooks in a very timely and efficient manner.  At the same time our experts are also training your staff on how to use QuickBooks to improve performance day to day.

What is the cost? Every business is different.  The first thing we will want to do is find out a little bit more about your business and accounting records before we can quote an exact price.  We help numerous clients with QuickBooks  and our rates are designed to fit the budgets of our clients.

Learning QuickBooks on your own can take time away from running your business.  We can help you learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Here is a short list of services that we provide when we help with installation:

  • Evaluate and recommend your accounting and software needs
  • Install software, set up chart of accounts and entire accounting package including payroll, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.
  • Setting up a QuickBooks start date and setting up your chart of accounts as of the start date
  • Creating a list of items that you sell to your customers.  This can include inventory parts, services, other charges, and sales tax.
  • Setting up outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable as of your QuickBooks start date.
  • Entering outstanding checks/deposits as of start date and entering your ending bank statement balances.
  • We print the trial balance of your start date and compare it to your old system trial balance.
  • Entering transactions since your start date.
  • Train client in use of QuickBooks to meet their full accounting and tax needs.

We also provide ongoing services after the installation phase.  Click to learn more about our additional QuickBooks services.